Monday, April 11, 2011

The Rise and Climb of Animalwave!

The alternative title to this blog post could also be "If your monkey-ass band member keeps monkeying around, he'll get replaced by a monkey!" Sometimes this sentiment can be a common occurrence with anybody starting a band or currently playing in a band. Who hasn't been frustrated at a band practice and thought "If only we could replace our idiot guitar player with a Monkey?" Here's an audition video I would consider:

I imagine Thailand has been ahead of the trend curve and has been training monkeys to play in bands to take over the Western airwaves. How could these monkeys not be considered teen heart throbs:


What a fully trained Thailand monkey band looks like.

Sometimes, the lead singer in your band is so full of himself that you want to kick his pansy ass out of the group and just become an instrumental band or replace his feathered hair ego with a real feathered screamer. Well, consider the brutal sounds of Hatebeak, a grindcore band fronted by Waldo, a 19 year old Congo African Grey Parrot.

Or how about you audition your dog to step in the front man role like the band members of Caninus did:

If the dogs and parrot screamo is not your cup of tea, how about the avant garde sounds of the Rock Cats:

If the Rock Cats are too left field for your tastes, there's always the best modern piano composer of our times, Nora the Piano Cat backed by the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra:

Do you think the future of music will include more animal collaborations? What modern day buzz band could be better with an animal band member? Should Bethany Cosentino do an album with Snacks the Cat meowing and purring? Should all the members of Animal Collective replace themselves with monkeys? Does Win Butler of Arcade Fire look like a Ferret?
Win Butler


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