Sunday, April 24, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: The Black Lip$/Ke$ha Collaboration!

   Ke$ha at the Beach!
The Black Lip$ getting ready for Easter!

A few days ago, while browsing my Twitter feed, the very popular buzz-blog, Pitchfork revealed that the garage-punk band, the Black Lip$ planned on making a "punk" song with the very popular teen idol, Ke$ha. This greatly hurt my feelings and I thought this had to be a joke and tweeted my disdain to my humble sized audience of followers. The Black Lip$ responded to my tweet and promised that the new collaboration will be "fucking epic". 

An actual tweet from the Black Lip$

I remain skeptical even after receiving an anonymous email containing a very exclusive mp3 of the collaboration. I DO NOT know who made this recording, but their brave efforts should be crowned and glorified pending the wrath of some "major label" non-punk record company threatening litigation. I'm not sure if I like this or not, you be the judge. Here is the exclusive track I converted to the Cat Like Records soundcloud page:

Black Lips vs Kesha by Cat Like Records

Is the Black Lip$/Ke$ha collaboration a "huge joke"? Do you think that this unusual musical marriage will unite the commonality of the underground and the mainstream? Will the Black Lip$ and Ke$ha brush their teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels together? Will The Black Lip$ and Ke$ha "party" a lot? Do you believe Ke$ha still wakes up feeling like P. Diddy? Will all the boys still want to touch Ke$ha's "junk"? What other teen slut waver's career should the Black Lip$ try and give alt-cred to next?

- Mike

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