Friday, April 22, 2011

Psychedelic Horseshit "Laced" Album Review

Psychedelic Horseshit - "Laced" album

If you can get past the awesomely uncommercial and punk rock band name of Psychedelic Horseshit, then you're half way to discovering some real lo-fi recorded treasure. The album starts with some delayed, bleepy keyboards and scraping guitar noises over what sounds like electronic tablas. As the album progresses, I'm reminded of The Elephant Six Collective and how this could have been a lost Olivia Tremor Control release, if the OTC burned all their Beatles and Beach Boys records and just hit all their delay pedals and started jamming.

Burn those Beatle records!

Old scratchy vinyl, jungle conga sounds, backwards & tremolo effected guitars, coughing, and distorted loops are spread across the album, along with vocals that seem to stay subdued and are not too dissimilar to Charles Manson in his most tranced out, crazed state of mind. "Tropical Vision" comes across like an inhabited fantasy island of shitgazed Kevin Shields clones, while "I Hate The Beach" is a 7:32 minute epic shamanic track that sounds ironically like they are playing the song at the beach and beckoning the gods to wash it all away. I do not know why, but I imagine someone playing a keytar on this song.

Imagine this girl playing keytar on the album!

"Another Side" features a pop acoustic approach accented with a harmonica, while "Revolution Wavers" reveals a more shoegaze side with a hip hop beat that grows into a full-blown mind fuck similar to My Bloody Valentine's "Soon". Towards the end of the album, I noticed a female voice singing among the melodies and had to question myself if she was singing in the earlier songs the entire time. Overall, this will be one of my favorite albums to come out in 2011 that keeps me wanting to hear it over and over. It will definitely not be for people whose musical diets consist of slick productions and for that reason, I end this album review with an unseen smirk.

- Mike

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