Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Music Genre: SeaPunk

 Shan Beaste and Albert Redwine.
I'm a few months or so behind on this but a new music genre has been creeping up from the depths of the buzzosphere. It's called 'Seapunk' and it has washed ashore to the forefront of the dance sub-culture of Chicago and drifting to the coasts. Something smells fishy about an aquatic based music genre coming from Chicago, but who am I to nit-pick such minor details. So, what the hell is seapunk, you ask? Well according to this article:

"[seapunk] refers in part to a style of electronic music that incorporates bits of 90s house and techno, the past 15 years or so of pop and R&B, and the latest in southern trap rap—all overlaid with a twinkly, narcotic energy that recalls new-age music and chopped-and-screwed hip-hop mix tapes in roughly equal measure."

That's how the music is described, but if you want to go all the way to the bottom of the ocean with your seapunk devotion, then dye your hair blue or turquoise, wear shells on your leather jackets, or perhaps some dangling seaweed earrings. The fashion possibilities are endless. Maybe live on a house boat or get an octopus for a pet. I've always wanted an octopus. They are very intelligent creatures. Perhaps, a seapunk could train an octopus to DJ seapunk music. That would effectively win the crown of the ultimate seapunk. 

Here are some seapunk music vids:

Seapunk meets witch house:

What do you think about this latest trendy music genre? Have you already dyed your hair blue? Is Katy Perry a seapunk? Will girls and guys with dolphin tramp stamps be the sexiest alts? Will the seapunk genre stand the test of time? or will seapunk be given cement shoes and thrown overboard by over critical bloggers? Will sushi become the official snack as seapunk takes hold of impressionable alt-teens and open minded college students? or should we just wait for the waves of seapunk to subside and usher in Space Goth?

- Mike C.

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