Friday, April 13, 2012

Leonard Cohen's Ex-Manager Guilty of Harassment

Kelley Lynch and Leonard Cohen.

It appears that Leonard Cohen's trial against his former manager and ex-lover, Kelley Lynch has come to a conclusion with a jury finding Ms. Lynch guilty of harassment and violating a restraining order multiple times. She may face up to five years in jail. 

The singer of classic songs "Suzanne" and "Hallelujah" spent a portion of three days in a court room testifying that Lynch had been sending hundreds of threatening emails and voice mails since 2004 when Cohen fired Lynch for embezzling millions of dollars from his savings accounts while he stayed at a Zen Monastery in California. 

"I was not willing to take the risk, the risk that someone who leaves me messages that are deranged and violent is not going to turn up outside my house," Cohen testified.

Here is the link to the complete story:

Is Kelley Lynch a psycho? Would you have filed a restraining order against her for leaving 10 minute threatening voice mails? Would you ever consider having an affair with someone in charge of your bank accounts? Will Leonard Cohen write a song about this experience? an album? Did he already recently do that? 

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- Mike C.


  1. Mike,

    The 10 minute threatening voice messages persisted for 7 years and were accompanied by 30 long emails a day for the same time period.

    And the emails were cc'd to the national press, the IRS, the FBI and scores of other agencies, governors, attorneys, prosecutors, journalists, and others.

    The emails included false, vile and malicious accusations of criminality and not just threats.

    This is the third restraining order - she has ignored them all.

    And Cohen is not her only victim.

    The woman is crazy and dangerous and since she cannot obey court orders needs to be locked up until she can.

  2. Yeah, that chick is cray cray. Viva Leonard Cohen!