Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Goes Goth!

Happy Nightmare Easter!

Whenever anyone thinks of Easter, they imagine fluffy white bunnies, multi-colored Easter eggs, and pretty baskets. There's really nothing of relevance for an adult on Easter other than making colored eggs for children and egg hunts. Who would have thought that there would be a goth Easter Bunny that made an appearance as the villain in the 1971 claymation classic, Here Comes Peter Cottontail? 

Goth eggs were the rage in 1971.

This Goth Easter Bunny goes by January Q. Irontail and was voiced by Vincent Price, which automatically gets goth street cred. Irontail wears a black over coat and black vest and literally has a spiked iron tail that was a result of a child accidentally running over his original one. He has a pet bat that he can mount to fly around and also a large pet spider. 

"Bauhaus is on the radio, let's dance!"

January Q. Irontail's maniacal intentions include to become the official Easter Bunny and make all eggs black and distribute chocolate octopuses and chocolate spiders. I am shocked that Irontail doesn't show up more on Hot Topic t-shirts or as a tattoo on some goth girl's arm. He is the missing link between Easter and Halloween. Perhaps Tim Burton should remake this classic and focus on January Q. Irontail, the most goth Easter Bunny in Television history. 

"All children like chocolate spiders and octopuses!"

"I am the coolest Easter Bunny of ALL TIME!"

Here are the highlights of January Q. Irontail:

- Mike C.

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