Monday, May 30, 2011

Top Ten Songs That Cats Would Like

There are top ten songs for most anything including top ten love songs, top ten break up songs, top ten rock songs, top ten hip hop songs, top ten shoegaze songs, top ten polka punk songs, top ten Japanese salsa songs, top ten Christian black metal orgy ballads, and top ten whatever comes to your mind. In this Temporary Rough Venom blog post, I present the Top Ten Songs A Cat Would Like. How do I know what cats like? I'm a cat owner that appreciates all kinds of music styles and some songs just stick out like cat anthems. Here's my cat, Gertie, that will give the commentary breakdown starting at...

10) "Twin Of Myself" - Black Moth Super Rainbow 

Gertie the Cat: "I wish there was a twin of myself to lay around with, but I guess Mike will do."

9) "Das Model" - Kraftwerk

Gertie The Cat: "I imagine a nice German tom cat singing this about ME, because I act and feel like a model pretty much all the time."

8) "Moi Je Joue" - Brigitte Bardot

Gertie The Cat: "Speaking of modeling, I bet I could be just as frisky as a French model cat like Brigitte Bardot."

7) "Everybody's Weird Except Me" - Stereolab

Gertie The Cat: "I'm not weird at at. I'm perfectly normal. OMG, you're about to tie your shoes and I WANT TO EAT THOSE LACES!"

6) "2002 a Hit Song" - Free Design

Gertie The Cat: "This song wasn't a hit in 2002 and it was written and recorded in 1969. I would have loved to try out some 60s catnip with these humans back then."

5) "Baby Love child" - Pizzicato Five

Gertie The Cat: "This song came out in 1994 way before I was a kitten but it still makes me purr to this day."

4) "Love The World" - Perfume

Gertie The Cat: "If I could be human, I would want to be all three of the Perfume girls in one."

3) "Cats on Mars" - The Seatbelts

Gertie The Cat: "This is exactly what it sounds like on Mars. How do I know? I have cat telepathy."

2) "Terminally Chill" - Neon Indian

Gertie The Cat: "This is modern music to my cat ears. I should have taken catnip with you."

1) "Fish Heads" - Barnes & Barnes

Gertie The Cat: "The music starts around the 2:18 mark, but here's the video in it's entirety. After a day of laying around in catnip and sleeping, who doesn't dream of fish heads?"


Like what you hear? Explore the musical artist's other albums and songs and if you have any songs that you think cats would like, email them to me for a possible sequel to this list. Meow!

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