Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Cure vs. Black Sabbath

This week's Temporary Rough Venom Battle of the Classic Bands pits alt-goth-mope new wavers, The Cure (9), versus original proto doom metal band, Black Sabbath (10). As usual, the match ups do not make any sense because each band was randomly placed on the bracket. Vote for which band should advance in the tournament by typing their band name in the comments here or on facebook. Any "Duh!" or comments that do not list either The Cure or Black Sabbath will count as a wasted vote and thrown out. Voting stops at Midnight tonight and a winner will be announced around noon tomorrow. 

The Cure


Black Sabbath

Remember, the lesser of two awesomes is still awesome!
(Thanks, Dave Lawlis for that quote!)

- Mike C.


  1. The Cure are amazing, but Black Sabbath is a world of their own. There simply would be no Goth genre without Black Sabbath.