Wednesday, September 5, 2012


In August, I came up with an idea to pit classic bands against each other in a tournament style single elimination battle to determine the ultimate classic band. I then posted an update on Facebook to ask my friends to nominate 20 bands to enter this tournament to which there were dozens of responses. Today, I filled a tournament bracket randomly with the nominated bands and it's going to be tough to choose between some of the match ups, but that's what makes this battle more interesting. 

A match up will be announced on Temporary Rough Venom every other random day or week and voting takes place all day. A comment posting of your preferred band in the match up will count as a vote. One vote/comment per person. Multiple and/or duplicate votes from the same person will be discarded. A person's first vote will be counted and cannot be changed. Voting stops at midnight Eastern Time of the same day a match up is announced. Comment voting can take place here in the relevant TRV blog posting and on my Facebook. 

Let's kick this battle off right!

The Rolling Stones 


Creedence Clearwater Revival

Vote for either The Rolling Stones or Creedence Clearwater Revival in the comments below or on my Facebook page. All votes will be tallied after Midnight tonight!

May the best band win!

- Mike C.

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