Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Show Review: Coffinworm/Windhand/Conjurer

This was my first time to catch a show at Indy's Jukebox, a newish harder rock venue just slightly South of downtown. The brick building resembled an old community center or perhaps a revivalist church. Once inside the building and down a couple of halls, the dark basement venue itself appeared medium sized compared to other smaller clubs in the city with three pool tables, a foot tall stage, plenty of tables and chairs, and a bar in the far corner. 

The opening act, Conjurer, from Indianapolis, made their debut to a small crowd of 20-30 patrons with their brand of heavy sludge riffs. The lead singer bellowed through the musical thickness, evoking ancient paganistic creeds. I expect good things to come from this band and look forward to hearing any recordings in the future.

Touring band, Windhand, from Richmond, Virginia filled the support slot of evening. This five piece stoner doom band filled the air with mystic vibrations and fermented Black Sabbath tempos. I actually felt stoned at one point without partaking in any drugs before or during the show. Vocalist Dorthia Cottrell, channeled her inner Ozzy while singing with her back to the crowd for most of the set. 

Local Indy heavyweights, Coffinworm, closed the night with elements from black, death and doom metal. Vocalist Dave Britts, displayed a commanding range of shrieks mixed with growls during a set of longish songs that melted spectator's minds. I would not be surprised if a handful of new heavy bands pop up after seeing this inspired performance. At the end of the set, Britts announced to the crowd gathering at the front of the stage to buy Windhand's merch instead of their own to help support them on their tour and that Coffinworm's next show date will be in October. For fans of heavy music, do not miss their next show!

5 out of 5 stars.

- Mike C.

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