Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Stone Roses Are Reuniting!

It seems like every few years or so, there's a rumor that The Stone Roses will be reuniting and then one of the former band members breaks his silence and says "No! The Roses are not getting back together, now piss off!" but this time it appears that the rumor has turned into a full blown truth and the band made a press conference announcement confirming the reunion. I remember hearing The Stone Roses for the first time on LIVE 105, a radio station based out of San Francisco. I was working alone at a gas station at the time and when "Elephant Stone" hit the air waves, it sounded supernatural and felt like there was hope for greatness in the future of music. I am glad that the band set aside their differences and decided to make a comeback.  We all live in dark times and The Stone Roses are here to bring magical rainbows of happiness back into our lives. Long Live The Stone Roses! They Are The Resurrection!

Check out their recent write up in the Daily Mail


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